He Keyrings, made from solid gold in limited and special editions, the special gadget for you and your keys


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The Genesis of He Keyrings

As a man it was always important to me to carry around only a small bunch of keys without unnecessary gadgets in order not to bulge my trouser pocket. I have therefore used small gold chains that were actually intended to be used as bracelets to hold my keys. With time, the car keys became heavier and bigger because of the remote control function and I constantly damaged and broke the delicate chain links. There was a need for something more stable !

Since I couldn't find something adequate I simply created a key ring by myself to meet my requirements, namely easy to open and close with a click lock, minimalistic and made of precious materials. A goldsmith was confronted with my design and within a few weeks the first "Aladdin" was born.
14 years later I still use this keyring, and it still looks as it did (see photo). Only a few minor cuts have occurred because I accidentally dropped it several times on hard ground, I use it every day after all. Nevertheless, the surface still shines, and the little dents do not bother me, they just determine the unique life of "my" keyring.

On the occasion of birthdays in my family I have designed other models, especially for my sister I wanted to create a very feminine model, and the result was "White Pearls". The initial fears that the pearls might be damaged by the daily use and the possible contact with keys and whatever else my sister holds in her bag have not materialized. Even after 5 years the pearls still look wonderful.

Finally I would like to say "thank you" to all my customers and wish them to enjoy my unique key rings for many years to come.

Heinz G. Kaiser

the first Aladdin


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